Fire Watch Guards

Instances Where Fire Watch Guards Are Necessary

Every business owner needs to have a fire alarm system installed to keep both visitors and property safe. In some instances, alarm systems are inoperable and proper systems are not in place. In these instances, a fire marshal will ensure that you retain the services of a watch guard. So, read on as we dive into why you need fire watch guards.

When fires are prevented, they can save lives, avoid property damages and even minimize liabilities. A fire watch guard is usually called to serve for the following instances:

* Construction Site
Each year, there are tons of hazards on construction sites. This is even more serious in the case of wooden framed buildings. Hence, local governments typically require fire guards to be continuously present. This serves until the site is complete and there is an occupancy certificate in hand.

Fire Watch Guards

* Businesses With Alarm Systems That Don’t Work
If a business doesn’t have an alarm system or they’re in the process of installing one, local authority will still require them to have a guard on the compound. This is done until the system is in place or it has finished undergoing repairs.

* Interruption In Water Supply
If your property heavily relies on a sprinkler system, disruptions in the local supply will prevent the effectiveness if an emergency should arise. A fire watch guard is essential in this instance since they will be able to protect the occupants and the property until the water supply is restored.

* Extreme Fire Hazards
In some environments, there are already existing hazards such as chemical storage that can create fire hazards. Hence, the risks are doubled and even tripled. Fire watch guards are properly trained to minimize the dangers associated with these situations.

As we conclude, we have just looked at why you may need a fire guard. They are properly trained to deal with every fire emergency and they’ll be able to keep everyone and even your property safe. So, if you’re working on an alarm system, a fire guard should be hired to ensure that everything is safe until your system is functional!