Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Higher Education in Malaysia

Malaysia also predominantly uses English as a mode of instruction, making it easier for foreign students to communicate not only within classrooms, but around the country as well. This lessened communication barrier is also one thing that makes the Malaysian environment conducive for learning for international students.

Culture Diversity

Cultivating that passion for learning can best be experienced in Malaysia because of its vast culture and ethnic diversity. The country can also boast of its rich natural resources and scenery which provides limitless possibilities in your pursue of a higher education. And with its impressive resources and facilities for research, your potentials can be fully cultivated.

Strategic Location

The strategic location of Malaysia, also known as the gateway of Asia allows you to easily travel around neighbouring countries. For a designer in the making, this will widen your cultural knowledge, as well as finding new inspirations from the various lifestyles and resources within these places. This knowledge can put you at an advantage especially when you vie for a career in design

Higher Education Programs

Another thing about Malaysia is that they are one of the pioneers in Asia when it comes to international affiliations in education. They have been the first ones to promote transnational Bachelor’s degree programs and twinning programs, which are also connected to other schools worldwide. This means that you can finish a course in other countries with your previous courses fully credited. This is most fitting for an aspiring interior designer who wants to enrich his knowledge about various cultures and countries.


Malaysia has also drawn many overseas students, because of its affordable tuition fees and cost of living. They have a stable economy, safe environment and it is an open country when it comes to religion. Even with its diversity in race, Malaysia is able to keep the peace throughout the years, and its stress-free atmosphere is what makes this country well-loved by locals, tourists and students alike.

Even with its low-cost of living, Malaysia can boast of its educational facilities as being internationally competitive and on par with the technology in other developed countries. With over 80,000 students coming in annually, you can expect world-class teaching amenities and techniques. It is no surprise then for Malaysia to be hailed as one of the top 8 by US Newsweek World’s Best Countries survey in terms of education. Malaysia is indeed a good breeding ground for those who want to pursue an overseas education.